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Using the staging servers

Using staging servers to develop and deploy features is considered a good practice for any company that develops software that people rely on. The QwikSense Backend has reached a point where deploying a broken version has consequences for the companies that use our API. This is why we roll out new features gradually.

Alpha Server

Our Alpha staging environment is an installation of our webservice (usually a revision from our develop branch) that we use to verify that a build functions as intended when used in the actual server environment. This means that (due to circumstances differing from our internal testing environment) this environment cannot be considered reliable at all! Responses also contain extensive debugging information, which is why the alpha environment is restricted. Important: Only whitelisted IP-addresses will be able to use this environment.

Beta server

The beta environment usually hosts the next release version. Depending on the stage of development either a master or a develop-branch revision is deployed here. While we try to keep a stable build on the beta server, sometimes bugs or errors are expected. The beta server is provided as a way for developers to implement new calls before they are released. In some cases new features we add break existing calls. Any IP address can issue requests to the beta environment.

Production server

This environment hosts the production-ready code that has been tested on beta. Until we hit the 1.0 release any calls in the API can change or disappear, but we try to announce deprecated calls in advance and provide alternatives for developers to implement similar functionality using the new calls.