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Listening to incoming measurements using AMQP

**Instead of periodically retrieving measurement data you will open a connection to our message broker and messages will be pushed over that connection as they arrive. Access to the message broker is currently in testing phase, so accounts and assignments are created on your request only. Please note that there are currently no 'real-time' messages for combined climate + occupancy data, only for the separate hardware sensors.

Broker info

We running a AMQP 0.9.1-compliant message broker, which means that any compatible AMQP-client will be able to connect.

Message format

Depending on the type of messages you want to receive, these message formats can be used:

Raw measurement data

These events are basically whatever data we have after parsing sensor input. Independent of the sensor type, the format is always the same. Note that the Id's in these messages are the Id's of the actual sensors, these are not the same Id's as you find in the API.



Movement events

The difference with the Raw Measurement Data events is that these events use the Point Id's that are also used in the API. The actual hardware Id of the sensor that sent the measurements is included as 'DevId'.


How to connect

If you have requested an account on our broker you can connect using the following configuration:

VHost: core
Username: [your-username-here]
Password: [your password here]
Port: 5671
SSL: true

Receiving data

While assigning sensor data to your account is a manual process from your side, you can decide what data to listen to by creating queues that listen to routing keys.