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The QwikSense API

A lot of companies that provide sensor data or insight in gathered data. At QwikSense we believe that it is very valuable to bring these worlds together to provide a single product to our customers: indoor climate data and analytics that can be used stand-alone as well as in a larger project.

The reason why we believe that another API is necessary is because we're connecting all sorts of API's from sensor manufacturers using different connectivity methods to send data and we provide it in a simple unified API.

Benefits of the QwikSense API

Our API is a great data source for your dashboard or app! Check out these reasons why:

No hosting required!

We manage and scale the infrastructure needed to store all incoming measurement data.

Consume RESTful JSON

Connect your app or dashboard to our API to visualise your indoor climate!

Export data to CSV/XLS

Use your data in existing spreadsheets or scripts! You can even specify the resolution of the exported data.

Test without coding

You don't have to write a single line of code (except the request parameters) to test API requests and responses.

Create PDF reports

Show your maintenance supervisor what's wrong with your indoor climate or discuss changes in the indoor climate in business meetings.

Combined data

To gather data you can use sensors provided by QwikSense, but we also develop solutions to import 3rd party sensor data in our database. Additionally, weather data and occupancy data can be stored and used in analytics.

Threshold Alerts

Set thresholds for Groups or Points and get a notification if a measurement exceeds the threshold Coming soon.

Message Broker

Get the measurements from your sensors as soon as they arrive using AMQP. Coming soon.